The Care'N'Share website provides you with access to good care practices in residential, live-in, domiciliary, acute, day service and family care. It automatically retrieves good care practices in response to a current care situation that you are encountering. It then guides you to reflect and create new ideas about the care that you need to deliver.

To start using Care'N'Share, write one or more sentences that describe the older adult, their current situation and where and when it arose. The more complete your description, the more effective the guidance that Care'N'Share can provide. Then press Enter or the search button.

Version 4.3, 20/12/2017: The website is still being evolved, and the number of good care practice cases available through it is still growing. So, please be patient if the website does not provide the most relevant good practice cases every time. Click here or on the "input case" icon for information on how to contribute to the growth of Care'N'Share.